Many people have asked me what I started Hopeful Survivors when it would be so much easier just to let someone else worry about the problem that plagues society which is domestic violence/abuse.

My answer is simple…

I had a friend long ago and his ex-wife and only son were murdered by her boyfriend and the death of his son seemed to shatter him. 

There were signs of what was going on but she thought she was tough/strong enough to handle the situation on her own so she never told anyone. 

Other family members saw signs and what was going on but they never put it together or just did nothing. The excuse seemed to be that domestic violence/abuse/bullying  is something that happens to "OTHER PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES"  so they thought it would all just work itself out and go away. 

I guess you could say it did go away but in it's wake it left 2 people dead and a Deputy Sheriff permanently injured.

I want to make sure people realize domestic violence/abuse is not just going to go away on it's own and there are so many signs, you just have to pay attention and actually do something. 

Many people are so conditioned that they don't even realize they are in a situation of abuse themselves because they think domestic violence/abuse/bullying is only hitting someone and it's not. 

Also many who are have been in this kind of situation for so long have become conditioned to think this  is the "normal" way of life for everyone and just how things are when in fact, it's not. 

My wish is to never have anyone receive a phone call saying their loved ones are injured or dead due to domestic violence/abuse/bullying.

I 'm just an average person who doesn't like what I see in this world right now with all this violence, hurt and abuse which seems to be dismissed so fast and easily. 

I want that to change and since it's not going to change on it's own Hopeful Survivors was created by me as a platform to do just that. I want "Hopeful Survivors" to become the nationwide platform to accomplish this task and to help all those in the United States who need help with abusive situations.

Hopeful Survivors is a nonprofit 501c3 against domestic violence and our goal is to provide assistance to victims of  domestic violence, abuse, bullying  and also assistance to their pets who are also involved due to the love from their owners who are being abused. 

I am hoping in the very near future it will grow to be something much bigger then informational. 

A  much needed program and shelter for both victims of abuse and their beloved pets. 

Available to help the people that need it most in the worst possible way. 

That is my goal, THE GOAL OF HOPEFUL SURVIVORS and all involved in it. I know this will come true with hard work and all the help we can get.

Please help us bring "Hopeful Survivors" to what I know it can which is a tremendous force to be  reckoned with in the fight  against domestic violence , abuse, bullying and also the pets/animals that have unwillingly become involved.

Thank you,

Patricia (Trish)


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