Long Term Goal

We here at hopeful Survivors know this is just an informational sight for the moment but we want that to change soon and we have a long term goal we are working toward but for this we need your donations and sponsorship and help so that these goals may be achieved sooner rather then later.

Hopeful Survivors would like to have a shelter in every state as we are a nation wide 501c3 nonprofit that will be for both victims of domestic violence/abuse  and their beloved pets. 

This way everyone is safe, we believe pets are family too.

If you are in an abusive situation we do not want or believe you should have to leave your beloved pets behind just to get out and get help and we don't want you to have to.

We want to make tough situations at least a little bit easier for people.

In the near future we would like to have be able to have programs for people that may need to refresh their job skills or learn new ones to enter the work force to become self sufficient, we want to help you to become empowered.

we would also like to be able to offer child care while you are learning the skills you need for the job market and looking for a job to become self sufficient.

This is just the beginning of the dream for Hopeful Survivors that we want to come true very soon. 

We are also working on a program to help fight bullying or Criminal Harassment as we here at Hopeful Survivors prefer to call it. The "Anti-Bullying" program is in it's infancy stages and is going to be geared toward school aged children and schools.

There is far too much violence and pain in this world,

With your help maybe we can alleviate at least some of it! 

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