Hopeful Survivors Mission Statement

Hopeless to Hopeful!

Never deprive anyone of hope, it might be all they have!

The specific purpose of Hopeful Survivors a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation, Public Charity is to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence/abuse and their beloved pets.

Our goal is a shelter for both victims of domestic violence/abuse and their beloved pets and to help provide people in this situation with the essential help to ease them back into the workforce with education and much needed job training.

We are committed to helping individuals reconize their situation and then attain the much needed services and survival skills necessary to learn to make it on their own. 

This organization has been established to assist individuals affected by Domestic Violence, Abuse, Bullying with the primary goals being public awareness, education, safe housing, and life saving crisis intervention. 

As we grow we would like to be able to provide nation wide shelters for these victims and their pets along with education to help them become self sufficient.

Services will be provided as available and feasible without regard to age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

The goal of this organization right now is to empower the public through educational materials, conferences, seminars, and special events to help educate and empower the people who need it the most.  This is the primary goal right now but we plan on expanding it much further when financially feasible.

At this time, all activities will be undertaken by the officers and other volunteers at the organizations headquarters or at the concert venue.

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