The Reckoning

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The Reckoning

One final teardrop hits the floor

I shall not shed another,

one final time I raise my hands

to brace myself against a lover,

that touch that once caressed me.

now seeking to destroy me,

I shall not allow you to punish me anymore,

Once a love so true, that I

trusted me with all my heart,

with all my soul, my mind, my strength:

there was no other who could compare,

you lured me into your embrace

as though I would find safety there,

I shall not allow you to punish me anymore,

It did not take too long for

the seasons to change one to another,

from true love to fear, from longing to

utter revulsion you held me in your grip,

using threats to keep me with you,

a victim replaced the person I once was,

I shall not allow you to punish me anymore,

Until the breaking point, the day of reckoning,

the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Looking into the mirror and not seeing myself,

I sought to reclaim what had been stolen. 

I stand up to you defiant to the last,

looking you in the eyes, just one final time.

Goodbye my lover, your time has passed.

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